Saturday, 19 January 2013

My husband's beard...

Hi Everyone!

An odd title for this post but is perfect for some photos I wanted to post... Lee decided over Dec that he would stop shaving and grow a beard so he didn't shave for 6 weeks. When he decided that enough was enough he shaved it off, but did it in stages and asked me to take photos of each stage. When I was flicking through the photos it was just like one of those old flip books that look like someone is moving when you flip through the pages! So here they are...

Full beard...

 And back to normal!

Thanks for looking!
Kirei x


  1. Very funny - he would have got no kisses from me if he were my hubby with that beard! I like him better back to normal, how about you?!

    1. Definitely clean shaven! Lee liked your comment :-)