Friday, 26 August 2011

A special Scrapbook...

A friend from work has just relocated to the US to take on this amazing job with our company's head office, I worked with Jonathan for almost 9 years until he moved into a new role in Marketing almost 3 years ago. I thought a scrapbook of his time in Store Operations would be the perfect leaving present as this is the Dept that he had spent most of his time in... so I asked everyone who had worked with him in Ops to give me a photo of themselves with Jonathan along with a message for him. I made little cards for the messages that are tucked behind each photo, don't you love the little Mickey head brads!

And this is what I ended up creating, I was pretty pleased with it in the end...

Whew.... that was a long post!

Thanks for looking!
Kirei x

1 comment:

  1. Kirei, It's fab!!!!!
    What a great souvenir album, I'm sure he was thrilled with it!!
    Well done, xoxo Méli