Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I spent a couple of weeks in Copenhagen recently for work and though I didn't really get to see the sights particularly I did get to see the Elephant Parade! It is an open air art exhibition of 103 elephant statues dotted around the city that have been decorated by famous and upcoming artists. The aim is to contribute to the conservation of Asian elephants and the public awareness of their life threatening situation. I didn't get to see all 103 of them, but I did get to see just a few that I walked past each day... love the colours! I see a scrapbooking page coming on..

I think this one below is my favourite... love the design!

Look closely at the one below, the design is made up of hundreds of painted faces...

So... I got to see 9 of them, only 94 more to see!

Kirei x

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